This section of the DDEX Knowledge Base contains the UGC Profile for the Digital Sales Reporting Message Suite Standard (Version 1.2 of Part 4)


This WD has been created based on input re made in/after Seattle. At this time, the only new issue addressed by this WD is the inclusion of the SRB Variant. This document does not contain the updated records into account.

  • Clause 2.3
  • Clause 5.1 and 5.5
  • New Clause 5.4

Changes to clause numbers are not noted/colour coded.

1 Introduction

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This standard is Part 4 of a multi-part standard. The other parts (incl. samples) are available here.



2 Scope

3 Normative References

4 Terms and Abbreviations

5 UGC profile




Annex A (informative) Examples

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