Current allowed value sets

The current version of the allowed value sets is 004.

The XSD of this version of the allowed value sets was published on 16th January 2023 and can be found at

The data dictionary edition for these allowed value sets is available here.

Changes to allowed values between version 003 and 004

  • There are additional values in the AdditionalTitleType AVS as follows:

    • MusicalWorkTitle which enables the communication of a musical work title in addition to the title of the recording in. It is primarily for use in the ERN messages; and

    • TranslatedTitle and TransliteratedTitle which enable better support for multi-language and multi-script messaging using ERN;

  • The values of TranslatedTitle and TransliteratedTitle have been added to TitleType to enable better support for multi-language and mulit-script messaging using the BWARM and MEAD standards;

  • The values of ProfilePicture and SocialBannerImage have been added to ImageType to enable better support of the description of images on social media sites, using ERN;

  • A number of values for territory codes have been updated including for example, changing Turkey to Türkiye and Cote D'Ivoire to Côte d'Ivoire; and

  • The currency for Croatia which has been replaced by the Euro, the Kuna, which has the code HRK, has been moved into DeprecatedCurrencyCode allowed value set.

Older allowed value sets

Older AVS XSDs can be accessed from where xxx is the old zero padded version number. This only applies for XSDs that were published from 2021 onwards.