About DDEX standards

This section of the knowledge base introduces you to the ten families of standards that DDEX has created and gives you background information about DDEX and its standards. Below please find a visual representation of between whom the standards facilitate the exchange of metadata in the music industry value chain (we refer to this diagram as our “tube map” as it somewhat resembles the London Underground map).

The links below, take you to text that provides assistance in determining which standard is right for you, explains the approach that DDEX takes in constructing its standard and how they are developed and maintained. There are also sections explaining abbreviations used extensively in DDEX and, similarly, commonly used terms with their definitions.

Read about the purpose of each of the DDEX standards
Decide which standard you need to implement for your business
Understand the approach taken to the construction of the DDEX standards
How are the standards developed and maintained, and when do they change?
Commonly used terms and their definitions used in DDEX
Abbreviations commonly used in DDEX
Find out about any recently published DDEX standards