Licensing the standards

DDEX retains the copyright in the DDEX standards and the accompanying XML schema files. Notwithstanding this, anyone wishing to evaluate or start an implementation of one of the DDEX standards can do so in accordance with the free and automatically acquired DDEX Evaluation Licence that appears on the front page of every DDEX standard. However, before an implementation is moved to production systems, the implementer is required to obtain a free DDEX Implementation Licence. Anyone can implement the DDEX standards and you do not need to be a DDEX member to evaluate or implement one of the DDEX standards.

Evaluation licence

The text of the evaluation licence appears at the front of all DDEX’s standards and allows you to:

  • Review the text of any of the standards to determine if a DDEX standard meets your organisation's requirements;

  • Evaluate the development resources required to implement the standard; and

  • To develop and test an implementation.

Implementation licence

You are required to take out an implementation licence before an implementation is moved to production systems for exchanging data in a commercial environment. The terms and conditions of the implementation licence are available here and the DDEX Intellectual Property Policy which is referenced in the implementation licence is available here.