Common language and script code combinations

All DDEX standards support the use of different languages and scripts in free-form string fields. The main language that is being used in a message created in accordance with one of the DDEX standards is communicated in the LanguageAndScriptCode attribute which is at root level. The same attribute can be used to override the main language value for specific composites or tags.

The syntax of the LanguageAndScriptCode attribute is defined in IETF RfC 5646 . However, even if DDEX only uses the lang[-script][-region][-variant] syntax, there are still thousands of possible combinations that can be created even though many of the available code values are not used anywhere.

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) has developed a list of common RfC 5646 codes. This Language Metadata Table (LMT) is available from and implementers of DDEX standards may wish to consult this list as a guide.

However, just because a value is not listed in MESA’s LMT does not mean that the value is not valid. Formally, all RfC 5646 combinations may be used in DDEX messages as long as they conform to the lang[-script][-region][-variant] syntax.