Excluded Territories and Worldwide

The Deal composite in the ERN standard allows communicating a list of countries in which a deal applies. This list can be provided in one of two tags, TerritoryCode and ExcludedTerritoryCode.

Both of these tags can be populated with ISO territory codes as well as the value Worldwide.

The semantic of these tags states that a TerritoryCode of, say, NO indicates that the relevant deal would be available in Norway, while an ExcludedTerritoryCode of, say, NO means that the deal would be available in all countries except Norway. A TerritoryCode of Worldwide means that the deal is available everywhere on the planet.

Communicating an ExcludedTerritoryCode of Worldwide is, however, less sensible as it would limit a deal to the International Space Station and outer space.

Using this combination is particularly not recommended for signalling takedowns. Instead, the approach documented here should be used.