Active deals at time of sending an ERN

When sending NewReleaseMessages to update the descriptive metadata or to provide additional Deals, the message sender is required to send all existing Deals to the DSP. In many cases this will include deals that are "live" at the moment of sending the NewReleaseMessage.

In order to ensure that the DSP does not remove the Release from sale when updating the Deals, the message sender must ensure that the StartDate or StartDateTime is in the past. This can be done in two ways:

  • Setting the StartDateTime to a date and time not later than the date and time of sending the ERN message (which means that it will be in the past when the message is ingested by the DSP); or 

  • Setting the StartDate to a date not later than the date of sending the ERN message. 

In this case, the message sender needs to consider the effects of different time zones: if a sender in Hawai’i is sending a NewReleaseMessage to a Japanese DSP, using today’s date may lead to an unexpected takedown as the DSP might receive the message earlier (in its time zone) than when the message was sent (in the message sender’s time zone).