ApplicableTerritoryCode vs deal territories

The ERN standard allows communicating territorial differences for Releases, SoundRecordings as well as other Resources. At the same time the Deals that can be linked to those releases and resources which also have a territorial scope.

If releases or resources do not have any territorial variations (i.e. only a default …DetailsByTerritory composite in ERN-3 or no composite with an ApplicableTerritoryCode attribute in ERN-4(1)), the recipient of the ERN is to apply this data to all territories that are mentioned in the Deal

As a consequence, territorial data only needs to be communicated at resource and release level if there are territorial variations for the territories referenced in the current Deal. Message senders should avoid sending territorial differences for territories where they do not have any Deals or do not expect to have Deals soon.

(1)  Or no composite with an ApplicableTerritoryCode attribute set to anything else than Worldwide.