Communicating old currencies

In order to signal the currency in which a consumer transaction, a licence or royalty payment or any financial transaction has been, or will be made is communicated in all DDEX standards by using the relevant ISO standard, ISO 4217.

Over time this list is being adapted as new currencies are added, some currencies are falling out of use, or where currencies are changing. The latest change (at time of writing) was the deprecation of the Croatian Kuna (HRK) on 1st January 2023.

DDEX must, however, retain old currencies to allow, for example, sales/usage reports to cover sales/usages that took place in Croatia before 2023 in HRK.

DDEX’s data dictionary therefore maintains, for use in all DDEX standards, a separate allowed value set for deprecated currencies (see: DeprecatedCurrencyCode ) and for active currencies (see avs:IsoCurrencyCode ).

In the DSR standard, for example, these two lists are merged so that for sales/usage reports current and deprecated currencies can be used side by side.