Displaying deal dates to consumers

The NewReleaseMessage communicates information about sound recordings, videos, releases and artists that enable DSPs to market such creations. This includes 

  • Information the DSP may display to consumers (titles, names, etc.); and

  • Data about the commercial availability of such creations in the Deal composite.

The deal information includes data about when and where releases may be made available to consumers – which may be after the information about the releases and resources may be shown to consumers. This is especially important for (but not limited to) pre-orders.

In some cases, the record company creating or marketing a release may wish to not publish the “street day” of a release to consumers. 

To support this, ERN 4.3 introduces a flag DoNotDisplayDates into the visibility section of the DealList composite. The absence of the DoNotDisplayDates flag (or it being set to false) means that the DSP may show the date to consumers – subject to any commercial arrangements between record company and DSP).

Users of older standards will have to communicate this information outside of the NewReleaseMessage.