DoNotDisplayDates in ERN 4.3 and later

ERN 4.2 saw the introduction of two composites that enable a record company to signal to DSPs the date on which they may show to consumers the existence of an album which is to be released at some point in the future. These composites include the album’s track listing or cover art, etc: ReleaseVisibility and TrackReleaseVisibility (The functionality to signal such dates existed, in principle, in older versions but was implemented in a different structure.)

In addition, ERN 4.3 enables record companies to signal to DSPs whether they may announce such dates to consumers or not. The default is to omit the flag altogether rather than set the flag to false. This indicates to DSPs that they can tell their consumers when they will, for instance, be able to see an album’s track listing. However, if the DoNotDisplayDates is set to true, DSPs should not make such dates available to consumers. (There is no need to ever set DoNotDisplayDates is set to false – this is achieved by omitting the flag altogether.)

    <ReleaseVisibility DoNotDisplayDates="true">