Over the last few years, UGC video services have started to allow their content creator users to “go live”, i.e. to record a video and stream it to their “followers” at the same time. Once the live event has finished, the recorded video usually continues to be available as a stream or download to consumers. The same, albeit on a lesser scale, also happens with audio-only content.
When analysing these services, DDEX has determined that such offerings are, in fact, two distinct (but combined) offerings to consumers:

  1. The DSP allows its consumers to stream and enjoy the stream at time of recording and

  2. The DSP allows its consumers to stream or download the recording after the live stream has concluded.

To support the first of these, DDEX has added a new UseType called LiveStream into its Data Dictionary. For the time being this allowed value is only available to the DSR Standard, i.e. for the reporting of the live stream to potential licensors of music embedded in the live stream. The second offering is covered by existing UseTypes.

Note: the term LiveStream was, however, already in DDEX’s Data Dictionary, albeit with a different meaning and for a different purpose. This old term, used to describe a resource based on its content, intended audience, format or technical characteristics has been renamed to LiveEventStream. For backwards compatibility, the allowed value in the RecordingFormat allowed value set remains LiveStream.