No takedown in initial deal

Latest NewReleaseMessage contains the active Deal

Deals in subsequence NewReleaseMessage override each other. In other words when a DSP receives a set of Deals in a NewReleaseMessage (and enacts them) and then receives a further NewReleaseMessage for the same (set of) Release(s), all Deals from the first message needs to be removed and the Deals from the second message enacted.

Hence the active set of Deals for a specific Release can always be found in the latest NewReleaseMessage received and ingested.

No Deal = No deal

If a NewReleaseMessage does not provide a Deal for a specific Release for a specific territory for a specific use, then it means implicitly that that Release is not (or no longer) available to consumers in that territory for that use.

As a consequence it makes no sense to send a takedown notice as part of an initial NewReleaseMessage – simple omission of a Deal for a Release not to be made available is sufficient.

There is one exception to this rule, alas: if a Release has been available in a territory (for whatever use) and all uses are now "pulled", then a takedown message needs to be sent for that Release and territory until the Release is globally taken down.