Communication of percentages

A number of DDEX composites allow the communication of percentage information (e.g. the RightSharePercentage composite). In DDEX messages, percentages should be communicated as numbers between 0 and 100  (e.g. “12.5” for 12.5%) rather than a decimal value between 0 and 1 (e.g. “0.125” for 12.5%)

So the correct way to communicate a RightSharePercentage of 12.5% would be:

<!—- Communicates 12.5% -->

To cater for old systems, DDEX allows to communicate percentages in the interval of 0 to 1 as follows:

<RightSharePercentage HasMaxValueOfOne="true">0.125</RightSharePercentage> 
<!—- Communicates 12.5% -->