Precision of numeric values in MWN

Music publishers use the MusicalWorkClaimNotificationMessage as defined in the Musical Work Right Share Notification Choreography (MWN) standard to provide an accurate picture of the right shares owned or administered by that music publisher to record companies. This enables the precise communication of right share splits as they occur, for example, in the event of two different music publisher splits for a single composer/author or when multiple composer/authors are involved. In these cases, right share percentages are often specified to 4 decimal places to avoid errors when rounded values are used for calculations which can result in subsequent disputes.

Message recipients, in particular central hubs acting as an information routing service, are expected be able to handle this precision and not round the values of right share splits. In the case of central hubs this includes forwarding the right share split values to subsequent message recipients in the form they were sent to them by the music publisher.

(Advice for all DDEX standards on field lengths and precisions is provided here.)