Deprecated Cells in DSR, CDM and RDR-R

The DSR, CDM and RDR-R standards evolve over time. As part of this evolution some Record definitions are updated by (i) adding Cells to the end of a Record, (ii) changing some aspect of Cells or (iii) “deprecating” Cells.

Deprecated Cells are to be treated as if they were an empty Cell. 

It would be incorrect to remove the deprecated Cell. Thus a Record with three Cells a date, a deprecated Cell and a Cell for a currency would contain, for example:


The same applies if the deprecated Cell is at the end of a Record.

The reason for this approach is that it allows ingestors (and creators) of DSR, CDM and RDR-R messages to continue to use the same processing logic: the currency in the above example is contained in the third Cell before and after the second Cell was deprecated.