Profile names in DSR and CDM

The DSR and CDM standards both have several profiles. A recipient of a DSR or CDM message will need to know the profile in accordance to which a message has been created in order to process it.

Both standards' header records contain a cell that allows the message sender to signal the profile to the message recipient. This cell, called Profile in both standards must contain the profile name as defined in the various profile definitions.

The formal profile name does not contain any whitespace characters and should therefore be added into the Profile cell without whitespace characters and in the capitalisation as defined in the various profiles. For examples:

  • BasicAudioProfile – must be used for reports in the default multi-record-block-variant of the basic audio profile in accordance with Part 3 of DSR;

  • BasicAudioProfileSRB – must be used for reports in the single-record-block-variant of the basic audio profile in accordance with Part 3 of DSR; and

  • BasicCDMPostUsage – must be used for basic post usage claims in accordance with Part 3 of CDM.

The same string must also be used in the relevant file naming conventions.

DDEX plans to make the Profile cell an allowed value set in the future.