File naming convention for DSR masterlist reports

The file naming convention for all DSR files is structured as follows:


Unfortunately, this structure means that where two DSR files are being sent from the same licensee to the same licensor and where:

  • one of those files contains a pre-usage report using the Masterlist Profile and 

  • the other file contains a post-usage report using, for example, the Basic Audio Profile,

then, the two files will have to have the same file name (albeit with different message creation time stamps) and there is no immediate means to identify which file is which.


DDEX has identified this as a drawback within the DSR Architecture Version 1.3 and is working on a change to the file naming convention that will allow two such files to be separately identified.

Until the change has been agreed and published, companies need to discuss with their business partners how to use the ServiceDescription section of the file name to differentiate these files.