Signalling rights conflicts in ERN-C status updates

The ErnAcknowledgementStatusMessage defined in the ERN Choreography standards can be used as a technical acknowledgement. The same message can, however, also be used to signal, to the original sender of the ERN message, a change of the status of a delivered Release that may happen much later than the original delivery.

These changes are encoded in the ReleaseStatus element of the ReleaseStatus composite which allows to communicate values such as ReleaseStagedForPublication, ReleaseMadeAvailableToConsumers, etc. 

One of these status codes allows a DSP to alert a record company to the fact that a specific sound recording or video has been claimed to be “owned” or otherwise controlled by another company. In that case DSPs are encouraged to send this code, RightsConflict, alongside the information about the party that also claimed the recording or video.

This information is suggested to be communicated in the free-form ErrorText tag. Note: From ERN Choreography 1.8 onwards there will be a separate tag called Claimant.