Genres differ from territory to territory ("World Music" in the US differs from "World Music" in Germany),. They also differ from language to language ("Neue Deutsche Welle" is a genre unlikely to be used in non-German speaking countries). Finally, Genres are of varying specificity (An on-line retailer focusing on rock music might have one genre for all classical music whereas a classical retailer would want to distinguish between different types of classical music).

DDEX's Genre composite allows the communication of a genre and one sub-genre. DDEX also allows including more than one such Genre composite for each sound recording, video or Release:

If more than one Genre composite is included in a DDEX message for a specific sound recording, video or Release, no order or hierarchy should be implied.


No Hierarchy

There is no hierarchy of genres if multiple instances of the Genre composite are used for one creation and that it is recommended to not use the genre information to drive business logic

Classified Genre

In addition to the above Genre composite, DDEX has developed a ClassifiedGenre allowed value set that can be used to signal a close match to the actual genre which, as indicated in above, cannot be globally standardised.