Primary and Secondary Resources

The NewReleaseMessage distinguishes between "primary" and "secondary" Resources. The former are  "Resources that are a main Resource of a Release" whereas the latter are "Resources that are not a main Resource of a Release supporting the Primary Resources (examples are lyrics, cover art etc)". Whether a Resource is deemed to be primary or secondary for a given Release is communicated in the ResourceGroup with the appropriate flag.

As a consequence, a 10-track music album would typically contain 11 Resources: 10 primary Resources (the 10 tracks) plus one secondary Resource (the cover art). Of course there may be additional (secondary) Resources for things such as lyrics.

A NewReleaseMessage shall always contain

  • The Release that describes the album

  • One "Track Release" for each of the primary Resources that make up the album Release.

For the example above this would mean a NewReleaseMessage with eleven Releases. For this principle it does not matter whether all of these Track Releases (or, indeed, the album Release) should be made available. It may well be that there will only be Deals for the album and, say, two of the ten Track Releases.