Resource types

DDEX messages allow categorising Resoucres in several ways:

  • Firstly by separating sound recordings from videos, MIDI resources (ERN-4 does not support MIDI Resources any more; please use SoundRecording) images, text resources, pieces of software and sheet music. Each of these resource types have different attributes (e.g. a video might have a screen resolution whereas a MIDI resource may have an indication of the sound processor used to turn the MIDI instructions into sound waves.)

  • Secondly by classifying each of the main types. A list of the types of sound recordings is shown on the right.

Some companies use the information to automatically process data received. A Works licensor may, for instance automatically levy a royalty on all sound recordings being classified as being based on a Musical Work. It is therefore essential for all message senders to ensure that correct resource types are provided.

Types of Sound Recording

The following types exists for sound recordings

  • MusicalWorkReadalongSoundRecording

  • MusicalWorkSoundRecording

  • NonMusicalWorkReadalongSoundRecording

  • NonMusicalWorkSoundRecording

  • NonMusicalWorkSoundRecordingSpokenWordSoundRecording

  • Unknown

  • UserDefined

Other resource types have other lists.