Subtitles in Multiple Languages

The ERN standard allows communicating titles of recordings and releases in multiple languages. The standard also allows the separation of the “main” title from the “sub title”.

In some instances, a record company may send a title and sub title in one language and a title and sub title in another language. In ERN-4 this might be done like this:

<Title LanguageAndScriptCode=“en”>
   <TitleText>Clam Bake</TitleText>
   <SubTitle>Darren Emerson Mix</SubTitle>
<Title LanguageAndScriptCode=“ja”>
   <TitleText>クラム ベイク</TitleText>
   <SubTitle>ダレン エマーソン ミックス</SubTitle>


But it may also be the case that one of these Title tags contains a TitleText but no SubTitle for the same recording for which the record company has communicated TitleText and SubTitle in another language:

<Title LanguageAndScriptCode=“se”>
   <TitleText>Clam Bake på svenska</TitleText>


A DSP that receives this data should display, 

  • for English-speaking customers, the English title with its subtitle;

  • for Japanese-speaking customers, the Japanese title with its subtitle; and 

  • for Swedish-speaking customers, the Swedish title (with no subtitle).

Titles communicated for different languages should never be mixed.