Track Releases are single-track Releases generated to allow unbundling.

Each NewReleaseMessage must contain the following Releases:

  • The Main Release (such as an album); and

  • One Track Release for each of the primary Resources that make up the Main Release.

For example, a NewReleaseMessage for a 10-track album contains 11 Releases in total.

The inclusion of each Track Release does not define whether or not the Track Release is actually available to be unbundled. This is specified by the ReleaseDeal element.

Only Track Releases with a ReleaseDeal can be made available to consumers.

Identifying Track Releases

International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) are used within a Track Release or Main Release to identify the primary Resource, i.e. the sound recording or music video it contains.

ISRCs don't identify the Track Release itself. Track Release identifiers are conveyed using the ReleaseId element, which provides two basic options:

  • GRid (Global Release Identifier)

  • ProprietaryID

Some other, legacy options are available, but the use of these is not encouraged.

UPC_ISRC as a ProprietaryID

One form of ProprietaryID is a sequence of:

  • The Universal Product Number (UPC) of the Main Release; and

  • The ISRC of the sound recording or music video, contained within the Main Release.

The UPC and ISRC numbers should be separated, for example, by an underscore character:


Unique Identification of Multiple Instances of the Same Track

In some circumstances, a Main Release may contain multiple instances of the same recording identified by the same ISRC. This can occur, for example:

  • When both a lossy-compressed and lossless recordings are delivered; and

  • When both an original recording and a remastered version are delivered.

Such tracks should be identified separately:

  • Where GRid is used, each Track Release is a separate release and may be identified using a unique GRid; and

  • Where the proprietaryID UPC_ISRC format is used, unique identification of the Track Release can be achieved by appending a _ReleaseReference to the UPC_ISRC identifier.


Pointing from Track Release to Main Release

The NewReleaseMessage allows each Release to point at another Release, using the RelatedRelease element.

The RelatedRelease element can be used to indicate that a Track Release has been unbundled from a Main Release listed in another NewReleaseMessage.

The Track Release shouldn't point at a Main Release listed in the same NewReleaseMessage.