Digital Sales Reporting Message Suite (DSR)

DSR enables organisations using music on their digital music services (the licensees) to create sales/usage reports about the distribution of music, music videos or other content to consumers, to send to the rights owners (the licensors) of the musical works, sound recordings and music videos used. The explanations provided in this section relate to a “flat-file” version of DSR. This replaced an XML-formatted report.

DSR has elevent parts to it. Three of these set out the Architecture, Allowed Value Sets and Record Type Definitions. The remaining eight parts set out different profiles for sales/usage reporting which vary according to the type of business model or process that applies to a given transaction.

DDEX strongly advises implementers to implement the most recent version of each profile of the standard.

Remember, at least before going live with an implementation, you will need to take out a DDEX Implementation Licence. Information about the Implementation Licence can be found here and the application form is available here.

General explaination of DSR

This section contains information about the various DSR profiles and how they are structured, what the benefits of using the standard are, an explanation of the relationship between DSR and the Claim Detail Message Suite Standard (CDM) and some of the issues to consider for a successful implementation.

What are DSR profiles and how are they related to each other?

This section describes the different profile messages which make up some of the different parts of the DSR Message Suite. There are descriptions of the business models each profile covers and an explanation of their basic structure.

Detailed implementation guidance and best practice for DSR

This section provides access to a large range of articles under different subject headings, about all aspects of DSR. This section of the knowledge base is searchable.

Sample snippets for DSR

These sample snippets of parts of the DSR messages provide further support in understanding how DSR messages should be constructed.

Past versions of DSR

Gain access to the most recent past version of DSR. There is also information about how to access even earlier versions of DSR. However, DDEX strongly advises that you implement the most recent version of each profile of the standard.