The Digital Sales Reporting Message Suite (DSR) and the Claim Detail Message Suite (CDM) provide an overall choreography of communication that:

  • Provides sales/usage information from licensee to licensor; 

  • Enables the provision of claims and invoice details information from licensor to licensee; and

  • Allows a licensee to raise any discrepancies it has identified in the claim and invoice information to the licensor.

DSR enables the first step in the above choreography and CDM the second and third step. The two standards are made to work together, so they:

  • Use the same architecture;

  • Use the same terms and allowed value sets;

  • Have the same functionality;

  • Have the same technical framework; and

  • Have the same object properties

This enables clear linking between DSR and CDM records, in particular the CDM can precisely reference an individual claim or invoice detail record which can be precisely linked to a sales transaction record in DSR. Both standards support multi-context and multi-content category reporting.