DSR implementation

The steps for successfully implementing one or more of the profiles set out in DSR are:

  • Identification of the profile or profiles that need to be implemented. This decision will depend on the business model (or models) and processes you use;

  • Taking out an Implementation Licence and obtaining a DDEX Party ID (DPID) by going to dpid.ddex.net. More information about the Implementation Licence is available here and about DPIDs available here); 

  • Reading Part 1: Architecture of the standard to understand the general structures and choreographies that apply to all DSR profiles; and

  • Reading the relevant profile to understand which record types are relevant for the implementation of that profile, as well as the relevant clauses of Part 8: Record Type Definitions and Part 2: Allowed Value Sets. 

It is also recommended that an implementation should be undertaken with a specific partner in mind. General implementation advise is available here.