Multi-Context and Single-Context Sales Reports

Traditionally sales/usage reports were sent from one licensor to one licensee in respect of:

  • One territory; 

  • Based on one commercial model; 

  • One use type;

  • One service type (sometimes called a service tier); and 

  • In one currency.  

An example would be a sales/usage report for Luxembourg, relating to pay-as-you-go downloads from the licensee’s “premium service”, with the accounting made in Euros. Such reports are referred to as Single-Context Sales Reports. 

When a multi-national licensee is reporting sales/usage to a multi-national licensor in a Single-Context Sales Reports, they will need to send multiple reports, for example, one for each territory represented by the licensor. This leads to a significant duplication of data. Instead, licensee and licensor can agree to combine these different territorial reports into a single Multi-Context Sales Report.

The same principle applies for licensees wishing to report, for example, multiple service tiers in a single sales/usage report.