Part 10: Masterlist profile

The purpose of the Masterlist profile is to enable for the communication of release, resource and musical work information before any sales/usage has been generated or before such sales/usage is available for communication. The Masterlist profile is available as an MRBV. The MRBV is the recommended default variant to implement. The current Part 10 is in version 1.1.1, the text of which is available here.

What business models does it cover?

Traditionally, when a licensee reports to a licensor of musical works, they include information about:

  • The music that has been made available to consumers;

  • How the music has been made available to consumers: and

  • How much sales/usage has been generated as a consequence. 

The data about the music used is then used by the licensor to find, in its own database, the musical works that have been used. Based on this “matching” the licensor will then be able to make a claim for the used works (see the Claim Detail Message Suite).

The Masterlist profile enables an alternative approach whereby the licensee sends information about the music that they are making available to consumers before providing sales/usage information. This enables the licensor to do the matching prior to receiving sales/usage information. This “pre-usage” process allows licensee and licensor to resolve any issues with respect to the matching much earlier in the cycle thus speeding up the process of claiming and, ultimately, paying royalties to writers and music publishers.

How is an MRBV report structured?

The MRBV of the Materlist profile has the following structure:

  • A header that contains general information such as the names of the sender and recipient of the message. The header is the same for all DSR profiles in both the MRBV and SRBV configurations;

  • A summary record for each sales context, which provides the parameters of the sales context;

  • Blocks of detailed information about what releases, resources and musical works are being made available by the licensee: 

  • A footer that contains check data about the individual report such as the number of records that are included. The footer is the same for all MRBV DSR profile.

How is an SRBV report structured?

The SRBV of the Masterlist profile has the following structure:

  • A DSR header;

  • A set of summary records;

  • A set of records containing release, resource and musical work information; and

  • A SRBV-specific footer.