Part 11: Basic Audio Profile for The Mechanical Licensing Collective

The purpose of the Basic Audio Profile for The Mechanical Licensing Collective is to enable licensees based in the US (typically DSPs) to report to The Mechanical Licensing Collective, information regarding the level of sales/usage generated from the digital music services, that are purely audio or music video services.

The profile was specifically created to satisfy the communication requirements of the Mechanical Licensing Collective as established, under US law, by the Music Modernization Act.

The profile is available as an MRBV. The MRBV is the recommended default variant to implement. The current Part 11 is available as version 1.0, the text of which is available here.

The profile accomodates all the various business models as the Basic Audio profile. Similarly, the basic structure of the profile for both MRBV and SRBV is the same as in the Basic Audio profile. This information can be found here.

However, due to the particularities of the US market, some of the record type definitions are different from those in the Basic Audio profile and these are detailed in the text of the profile itself and in Part 8: Record Type Definitions of the standard.