Part 6: Royalty Reporting profile

The purpose of the Royalty Reporting profile is to enable licensees to report to licensors the level of actual royalties due to the licensor based on sales/usage of releases in countries where there is a direct contractual relationship between licensee and the licensor. The current Part 6 is in version 1.1, the text of which is available here.

The Royalty Reporting profile differs from the Basic Audio profile by focusing on the communication of actual royalty figures instead of the information necessary to calculate royalties.

The Royalty Reporting profile is not intended to be used for “notices of intent” or sales/usage where a “statutory rate” is in place (specifically in the case of streaming royalties) as this requires a different data set to calculate the royalty.

The Royalty Reporting profile is available only as an MRBV.

What business models does it cover?

  • The reporting of:

    • Physical releases; and

    • Bundled downloads;

  • The reporting of:

    • Single track downloads; and

    • Sound recording/video streams;

  • The reporting of user generated content.

How is a report structured?

The Royalty Reporting profile has the following structure:

  • A header that contains general information such as the names of the sender and recipient of the message. The header is the same for all DSR profiles in both the MRBV and SRBV configurations;

  • A summary record for each sales context, which provides the parameters of the sales context, as well as summary information that allows the licensee to get an overview of the content of the sales/usage report;

  • Blocks of detailed information about the releases, resources, musical works and the sales/usage information relating to them in the context of:

    • Release usages;

    • Resource usages;

    • User generated content usages; and

    • Any combination of the three block structures described above; and

  • A footer that contains check data about the individual report such as the number of records that are included. The footer is the same for all MRBV DSR profiles.