ERN samples

ERN samples

The ERN sample pack contains an ERN 4.2 sample in accordance with one of the ERN Release Profiles. They are:

  • Audio Album

  • Video Album

  • Mixed Media Bundle

  • Simple Audio Single

  • Simple Video Single

  • Ringtone

  • Longform Musical Work Video

  • DJ Mix

  • In addition there are names for the two variants defined in the ERN Release Profiles standard:

    • Boxed Set Variant

    • Classical Variant

Note that all most types of releases can have different “depths” of ResourceGroups, depending on the release set-up. The audio and video samples show “simple albums” whereas the mixed media bundle shows an album containing multipole carriers. Such multi-level ResourceGroups are, of course also possible for audio-only or video-only releases.

ERN choreography samples

The ERN choreography sample pack contains a sample manifest message.