LRAW explained

LRAW contains three messages.


This is the principle message in the standard. Its structure contains a MessageHeader, a PartyList composite and an AssertedLink composite. Within the AsseredLink composite the sender of the message identifies who is asserting the link and sets out the information about the musical work that is being asserted is linked to a sound recording or music video.


This is a simple acknowledgement to the LinkResourceAndWorkMessage.


This message enables the sender to request from the recipient of the message any information the recipient may have about the link between a musical work and sound recording or music video.

Senders of the LinkRequestMessage should bear in mind that the quality of the information provided in the request will have a significant impact on the quality of any returned link. Companies that provide such links may well establish minimum data quality rules that would stop them from returning any links based on what they perceive to be low quality data in requests. Senders of the LinkRequestMessage are therefore advised to take care to provide as much high-quality information as possible when sending LinkRequestMessages.

The data dictionary for the LRAW standard can be found here.