US Letters of Direction Choreography Standard (LoD)

This standard enables music rights societies or music publishers to notify record companies or DSPs when the ownership of a musical work already licensed has changed which results in a redirection of royalties and future requests for licenses. This process is known in the US as “Letters of Direction” (LoD).

The most recent version of LoD to be published is LoD version 1.0.

The text of the LoD standard can be found here.

Remember, at least before going live with an implementation, you will need to take out a DDEX Implementation Licence. Information about the Implementation Licence can be found here and the application form is available here.

General explanation of LoD

This section provides an explanation of the purpose and structure of the LoD messages.

Detailed implementation guidance and best practice

This section provides access to a large range of articles under different subject headings, about all aspects of LoD. This section of the knowledge base is searchable.

Current data dictionaries for LoD

Here are links for the data dictionaries for LoD.

Choreography for LoD messages

This section provides an explanation of the choreography associated with LoD.

Sample snippets for LoD messages

These sample snippets of parts of the LoD messages provide further support in understanding how LoD messages should be constructed.